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    Sep 7, 2018
    Hey there; quick (and maybe dumb) question for those familiar with Hyrule Warriors DE.

    I've been using the online save editor with no complaints (in fact, it's really quite awesome) but I noticed something kind of odd--and admittedly cool--that I'm wondering if any of us can further investigate/duplicate.

    My original save file didn't have the last four characters (Marin, Toon Zelda, Ravio, and Yuga) unlocked, so I used the editor to get them. They work just fine, but what was interesting is that the editor didn't go ahead and unlock their weapons along with the characters themselves. I was only greeted with one weapon to choose with a name of ????????, which I couldn't select...at first. If I were to select another character and their weapon, and then back out and select one of the new characters, I would be able to select the ??????? weapon, and it would be the previously chosen, unlocked weapon. In other words, I had Marin using the Master Sword and Yuga using the Spinner at one point.

    Now I know there was a glitch in the original Wii U version that got some traction because it allowed weapons to be swapped, but what I'm wondering is (if the save editor doesn't gain this capability eventually) if there exists any hacks or files to directly edit that allows us to give any weapon to any character. I'd love to be able to mix and match!
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