RELEASE Hurrican game port for Switch

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    # Hurrican port for Switch

    This is my Switch port of Hurrican, a freeware jump and shoot game created by Poke53280 that is based on the Turrican game series. Blast your way through nine action-packed levels filled with different enemies and powerups.

    Everything needed to play is already included in the archive.

    Port by @rsn8887.

    Visit my Patreon:


    Hurrican_Switch_1. Hurrican_Switch_3. Hurrican_Switch_4. Hurrican_Switch_5.

    # Thanks

    Thanks to Poke53280 team for making such a great game, releasing the source, and making it freeware.

    Thanks to the other developers such as DKS and Pickle for extending the Hurrican source and adding SDL/OpenGL-ES support and more.

    Thanks to ScHlAuChi for telling me about this.

    Thanks to devkitPro for making Switch homebrew possible.

    Thanks to my supporters on Patreon: Andyways, CountDuckula, Jason Crawford, Greg Gibson, Jesse Harlin, Özgür Karter, Matthew Machnee, Milenko, and RadicalR.

    # Installation

    - Download (see `assets` below), and unzip `` and copy the contents over to the `/switch/` folder on your sd card, so that you have a folder `/switch/Hurrican` with many folders and files inside.

    # Controls

    - Left analog stick = walk/duck/aim (hold up/down to look)
    - Dpad = walk/duck/aim (hold up/down to look)
    - Y = shoot
    - B = jump
    - X = hold for lightning beam (control angle with stick/dpad left/right)
    - A = powerline
    - R = grenade
    - L = cycle weapon type
    - ZR = smart bomb

    # Current Limitations

    - Don't try to remap buttons in the controls menu, it asks for a button press, but doesn't react to Joycon input. The only way out is to force quit the game with the home button. If you mess up preferences, just delete `/switch/Hurrican/hurrican.cfg`

    - The tutorial level (if you select "Start Tutorial" instead of "Start New Game") currently crashes just after loading.

    # Building

    git clone
    cd hurrican/Hurrican/src
    make clean
    make -j12
    the zip file is created in the Hurrican folder, not in src.

    # Changelog


    - First release on Switch
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    you so good at porting... make a guide :D
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    I am quite sure he will port over crysis sooner or later with this pace.

    Good job on this port! Need to try this.
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    I feel like I've seen this picture before. Was this a WiiWare game?
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    It’s based on Turrican series for snes and genesis, but it was released for Wii vc too.
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    Wow! Thanks for this game! I loved to play this on PC, and now on Switch! I'm a big Turrican fan!
    Btw, any chance of porting AM2R to the Switch too? There is a port for Vita already.

    Hurrican (or the original Turrican) was never released natively for the Wii. I guess you've seen Super Turrican / Super Turrican 2 for Wii VC.
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