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    Mar 22, 2010

    I've hacked my Wii about a year ago and have been getting more and more conformable in messing around with it. I want to get SNEEK on my Wii and having read several tutorials, I have some rather basic questions that I can't seem to be able to get the answers to.

    This is pathetically basic, but no tutorial lays out the basic terminology. What are the differences between SNEEK, SNEEK+DI, UNEEK, and UNEEK+DI. Do they refer to four different programs or are they four methods I need to use to get NAND emulation to work. If I want to emulate from my USB, do I need to use only some of them?

    The tutorial about putting games onto the emulated NAND is pretty straight forward. However, as you are not using cIOS or backup loaders, how do you load the game?

    My current games are all on my FAT32 hard drive in a WBFS folder. Can I leave it there while I also put my SNEEK files and folders on the hard drive. Basically, does the hard drive need to be squeaky clean for SNEEK to work?

    If I dump my current NAND (which has Homebrew installed), will homebrew under the emulated NAND (on SNEEK) run properly?

    Thanks for the help and for not flaming the ignorant.
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    sd-nand/es emulation kit = SNEEK
    usb-nand/es emulation kit = UNEEK
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    SNEEK/SNEEK+DI run from SD (ie SD-NAND), where di has extra features, not quite sure, but its superior.
    UNKEEK/UNKEEK+DI same as before but nand from USB

    i remember DI has its own menu you can load from, and with regular sneek, um, ill get back to you

    you need to convert the iso/wbfs image to a barebones sneek content folder. (i use WiiJManager_0.8)

    some people can get it working straight away, others (myself included) have to figure out small things that are wrong with thier particular setup.
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    1. SNEEK: NAND on SD, games play from the real DVD drive[need Dark/CIOScorp or a patched di.bin to run burnt games, still does not enable burnt disks for D3-2 drives]
    1a. SNEEK + DI: NAND on SD, games on USB drive, extracted with DiskEx[can't use normal ISOs/wbfs files]
    1b. UNEEK: NAND on USB, see SNEEK(1) for games
    1c. UNEEK + DI: NAND on USB, see SNEEK + DI(1a) for games

    2. You run them from the Disk channel[or modified usb loader if you use puneek, which is a different topic altogether]of the emulated NAND. All your saves, Miis, etc. are saved on this emulated NAND.

    3. Yes, you can leave your current game ISOs/WBFS files on the drive, and no it doesn't have to be squeaky clean. Just note that you have to use SNEEK's special format[raw decrypted files, no ISOs/WBFS files] to play games on the DI module.
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    Other than that, reading this should answer all other questions and then some.