how to set emunand path in USBLOADERGX

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    I want to install all of my wads to USB and I backup my nand to my sd card but it is too small for all of the wads I want my emunand on my USB drive so would I just copy the folder over or would I need to set it to backup to the location of the USB drive if so how do I do that any help will be appreciated thanks!
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    if you don't already have a NAND folder to be used for "emuNAND channel" on your USB, you can safely copy or move your existing folder from SD to USB.
    Then go to USBLoaderGX > settings > user's paths > EmuNAND Channel : browse to your folder on USB and select it.

    example :
    on your SD : /nand/my_dump/
    on USBGX : EmuNAND channel folder : SD:\nand\my_folder\

    on your SD : no more folder
    on your USB : /nand/my_dump/
    on USBGX : EmuNAND channel folder : USB1:\nand\my_folder\

    If you already have a NAND dump on your USB, you should not merge the SD dump into it, or it will create issues.
    instead, make two different folders, and switch to the one you want to list/use when needed by editing the "emuNAND channel folder" option.

    be sure you are editing the "EmuNAND Channel" and not the "EmuNAND Save" option, which is a different option affecting Wii disc based games only.
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