How to play Mega Man Zero Collection?

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    So, they've added a new story mode (beginner friendly), and though I've played both of the ZX games for DS, I haven't played the Zero games from GBA. Should I play through the story mode, or each individual game. 1Up's review of the MMZC suggests that the story mode has chunks of content stripped out of it. Not sure how best to approach the game.
  2. perpetualskeptic

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    The Story Mode (from the few minutes I played of it) gives you all the powerups at the start. It was a little too easy for me. Not sure about stripped content, but that might just be that you can't unlock and powerup your weapons and stuff. I'd suggest playing the games separately.
  3. Zurren

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    Sep 10, 2009
    This beginner mode might be the best way if you're either impatient or have never played the GBA games. My reason: the fact that keeping an S rank through boss battles in order to get their EX Skill is pretty much impossible for me [​IMG]
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    Like the previous posters said, the Easy mode just gives you a big dick bonus right from the beginning, but that fully robs the spirit of Megaman to me - exploration, precision and speedy play, all properly balanced. (I cheat at games all the time and all, don't get me wrong, I just like to give myself small boosts, like getting 99 of all accessories in an RPG, and never on the first playthrough.)

    Since you're familiar with the formula, I'd say just play each game individually, but get ready for a huge difficulty jump from the DS games. The Zero series is incredibly challenging sometimes.
  5. badnat

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    That's the thing. For many people, myself included, challenge does not necessarily equal fun. For me, reflex challenge (i.e. difficulty in shooters/platformers/fighting games) never equals fun. So I guess it's either a pale experience or none at all for me...
  6. Terenigma

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    Nov 10, 2008
    The first game in this collection is stupidly hard and i hate the mission structure, however its ALOT easier in 2 im avoiding playing the easy scenario tho because as has already been said it basically gifts you everything and its no fun whatsoever its like playing final fantasy and given every summon and 9999gil at the start

    Iv never played the zero games before and iv only played a handful of megaman games but what the hell is up with the mission structure on the first zero game?! you fail a mission and you can never play it again? thats crazy >.< and some of the bosses need (for me) at least one retry before i learn the pattern and even then its still hard...

    Play the first one. if you find it too hard. do the easy mode (as a last resort) once you beat it tho. play 2 normally not on easy mode because its not as hard
  7. gokujr1000

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    Well I played 1/4 of the game on Easy Mode and it just took all the fun out of Megaman for me. Megaman is about upgrading your gear (whether it be power-ups or not), exploring each mission to find ways for you to unlock more things and help you find better ways to beat and get past enemies, and basically the whole challenge.

    For example In Easy Mode I found the 2nd Boss to be very very easy. In Playing Zero 1 the 2nd boss is nearly impossible for me he's become so hard that i have now memorized the area before him because of all the save reloads! I have gotten close to beating him many times now then I did 1 hour ago because I have kept at it and learnt how the boss works. All this is needed to play a Megaman game.

    Overall Easy Mode = Something you can beat in a day
    Title Selection = Something which takes time to beat but with that time you get to feel more satisfied when clearing certain areas.

    Now choose what you want. Easy or Fun.
  8. Zeroneo

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    Jun 6, 2009
    Like it's been said before, challenge does equal fun. Some people don't think that spending 1 hour trying to beat a boss is something entertaining.
  9. sadak5

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    Well, the first time I finished the 4 MMZ games it took me a while, but now I'm able to finish the GBA version of the first in less than an hour.

    And yes, the Easy mode takes out all of the funy version of the game.
  10. Trulen

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    I've only played original style megamans. The number'd ones. I like 'em.

    But I read here, and there's exploration?
    Keeping rank S (I really do hate games that rank you) to get the boss powerup? (I really really hate games that require the best rank to unlock something.)

    I don't want to play easy mode, but I also don't want my entire game to be dependent on ranks and exploration. I just wanna select the stage, and go whup up on it. Beat it, and get the powerup.

    Is this game anything like that?
  11. Rayder

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    You know, years ago I used to thrive on difficult games like this. Anymore though I feel like I just want to float through games to see everything and not actually have to work at it too hard do so. I used to be seriously hardcore with my old-school gaming, but now.....I seem to hardly rate as even a casual gamer these days. I'll probably use cheat codes on this and just blast through it to see everything. It's sad really, when I think back to how I was 20+ years ago, and how I am now.

    Is it because I'm getting old? Pirate syndrome? Burnt-out on gaming? I don't know. But I definitely don't fiend on games like I used to.......
  12. cris92x

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    No, theres almost no exploration in the megaman zero series infact its real linear, except for finding cyberelves and subtanks its just like megaman x kind of.... except your using zero with more weapons like a shield or a rod, etc. U get the boss powerup if u beat it normally such as the flame chip or ice chip and honestly thats all u need, the 3 elements in the 1st one are enough. Now if u do get S rank you get something better and how is that bad, you can pass it getting C ranks but u get rewarded for S ranks. If you just want to select a stage then play easy u get all subtanks and ur weapons are leveled up oh and you have all cyberelves. Also the 1st megaman zero can be annoying because you go through the same stages and if u fail the levels thats it you cant go back to them, but you can retry by having another life, best thing is save b4 mission and just try till you beat it.

    @Rayder: You are burnt out basically, you feel like you've already done everything possible and games have lost meaning to you. Same has happened to me, I used to love the megaman zero titles but now i just booted it in easy scenario and passed it in 2 days.