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    Mar 12, 2021
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    The most simple way is to have Windows 10 notebook or PC with Wi-Fi capabilities.
    1 - Download Wireshark
    Download latest version of Wireshark (https://2.na.dl.wireshark.org/ - choose
    win32 or win64) and install.

    2 - Create a mobile hotspot
    Open the Settings app. Navigate to Network & Internet>Mobile Hotspot and switch the toggle to on (see here how to create hotspot in other versions of Windows-

    3. Connect your PS Vita to the newly formed mobile hotspot

    4. Open Wireshark if you haven't already

    5. In Wireshark, find which connection is the mobile hotspot (you can check this by disabling/enabling mobile hotspot and see which one disappears/appears)

    6. Double click on the mobile hotspot (now the packets are being captured and you should see several logs already happening)

    7. Resume your Vita operations as usual (playing games, sending invites, etc.)

    8. If possible, write down what you did when or at least in order in which it happened (you can then rename the capture this way, e.g. - AcceptingInvite,1MatchofVirtuaTennis,...)

    9. Once you are done, just click on the red stop button. And choose File>Save As

    10. Upload the files to a file sharing site (Google Drive, Mega, etc)

    11. share it to archive.org, lol don't keep it to your self.
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