1. coolness

    OP coolness PSN: Dutch_DarkLord

    Jun 14, 2009
    With this mod can you have 2 kind of mods
    1.Mod menu (only works when your the host) (Much hacks) gives whole lobby jump hack Controls:Alpha
    2.Godmode, Wall hack, etc

    COD Reflex
    Trentlio Old school Mod menu

    EliteNio 3.33 non host mods

    -Non-Host Mods
    -EliteNio 3.33 modmenu
    What did I update to the menu
    - unlock all weapon
    -Unlock Deagle (gold desert eagle)
    -Working Stat mod(the person who wants their stats to be modded must go to players, click name and mod their own)
    -GunGame Guns are now better (example: There is 20 Tiers).
    NonHost Mods contains:
    -GodMode (change controls to Charlie and press + )
    - Noclip (change controls to Charlie and press - )
    - Inf ammo (change controls to Charlie and double tap B near the end of the mag)
    - GiveAllWeapons (change controls to Charlie and press Down down D-pad)
    Trucha Signer 0.21

    How to do this?
    1.Download Trucha Signer and start it
    2.Select KeySet must be set to Custom KeySet 1
    3.Klik on Image Open ISO and select your COD Reflex ISO
    4.Navigate to DISC>PARTITION>ROOT>english>Klik on common_level_temp_mp.ff and replace him with the downloaded the mod that i said to have downloaded
    5.do it again with the code_post_gfx_mp.ff
    6.when replaced do right mouse on PARTITION and choose Trucha sign it! on both PARTITIONS
    7.Klik on Image close ISO and close the program
    8.put the game on a CD or via CFG usbloader
    9.go to private match start him and easy set controls to Alpha and play (Crounch and knife) the mod menu now appears(Host only)(works for normal online)
    10.set controls to Charlie and press plus or minus this will activate the hacks.(Non-Host)

    I dont support piracy!!!
    this mod must be used for fun and not to hack other people
    thats why i dont post a mod with deranks or other hacks to destroy people there account because people must play this game with fun!!


    Add my friend code: 443317931992
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