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    Jan 24, 2013
    This is brief tutorial on launching the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mod, Balanced Brawl with a Usb Loader (like CFG Loader, Usb Loader GX, ect)
    Q: What is the Balanced Brawl Mod?
    A: The Balance Brawl Modification project that improves the character balance of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Unlike its predecessor, Super Smash bros. Melee, the game wasn't built for ' competitive play' as many characters, especially the veterans, were heavily nerfed and underpowered compared to the the somewhat overpowered newcomers (Meta Knight, Snake, Sonic, Ice Climbers, King Dedede) which resulted in way too many bad matchups to the newcomers (Meta Knight has advantageous matchups to everybody in the roster and only one mirror match with Pikachu.) Not to mention too may chaingrabs, inescapable lockdowns and infinites by the high tier, therefore not not providing balanced matchups. so, Balanced brawl is a 'fair' version of Brawl.

    - a softmoded wii
    - CFG Loader, USB Loader GX or Wiiflow
    - at least a 512mb sd card (sdhc doesn't work for some weird reason)
    - Usb Flash Drive or HDD to load your SSBB
    - Balanced Brawl Mod Download : http://balancedbrawl.net/download/BBrawl3_rc1.zip
    - The cheat file attached to this post.
    - method to load the usb loader (forwarders or Homebrew Channel)
    STEP 1: Launch SSBB with a usb loader and delete or move all custom stages from the Vault saved on the wii.
    Step 2: Exit the game.
    Step 3: Download and extract the Balanced Brawl Mod to the root of the SD card ( Using either your PC or WiiXplorer)
    Download the cheat file attached to this post (allows an on-the-fly game patcher once activated) and copy it to the location of the usb loader's cheat directory.
    USB Loader GX: SD:/txtcodes
    CFG Loader: SD:/usbloader/txtcodes
    Wiiflow: SD:/wiiflow/?

    After you've completed those, launch your usb loader, select the game and change its settings: enable ocarina cheats and VBI hook type then' load cheats for SSBB. Make sure you select File Patch Code v3.5.1 and save the GCT file and launch the game.

    The game will take some extra time to load, soon after the intro, you should see the 'Press Any Button Key' splash screen with the balanced brawl logo. If you see this logo, the mod was successful.
    This is the method I used.

    Credits to
    Chris “Amazing Ampharos” Immele, Kyle “Thinkaman” Brockman for Balanced Brawl Project.
    Phantom Wings for for PSA, File Replacement.
    Dantarion for his fixes to PSA, OpenSA2, and its dump tool, as well as Kryal for BrawlBox’s great stage editor tool. Additional Brawl codes found by The Paprika Killer, spunit262, Almas, Y.S., and KirbyIsCool.
    Cfg Loader by oggzee, usptactical, gannon and Dr.Clipper.
    Usb loader GX by dimok, giantpune, nIxx, cyrex, Neorame, ardi, r-win and Cyan.
    And all the other coders I missed!

    If there is any problems, please post.
    Don't forget to check: http://balancedbrawl.net/


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    hi! just a question does this work with other riivolution hacks?
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    There are different stages? Is there a list about the balance changes?
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