How to install the software for dscard

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    I find a good web, There have the detail for all dscard install(include R4,R4SDHC,TT,TTI,R4I,EDGE,DSONE.....almost every card)
    The adress is

    I copy the r4 card install there, if any one want, can go the web to see.

    R4 V2

    Each adaptor in distribution are tested before the normal operation unless the transport process damage, you need to step by step according to installation guide for installation.

    Step 1, confirm your adaptor is R4 V2 just accpet upto 2GB that is not R4 SDHC, you would need to format the Micro TF card and install firmware onto the DS card before it can use.

    Step 2, you need to download the software.

    Software download link :

    Step 3, unzip the (English-1.18.rar) and open the folder which be named English then you need to drop or copy the 4 contents files(_system_, moonshl, _DS_MENU.DAT, _DS_MSHL.NDS) from kernel in to micro sd card without the root folder (only the 4 contents files). Transfer the 4 contents files direct in to microSD TF card, NOT in any other folders.(NOTE: If you do not have unzip tools ,you can download here:

    Step 4, You need to unzip your game , then directly drop your game(xxx.nds) to your Micro sd card NOT in any other folders after the right installation of the software.

    Step 5, In the final insert the sd card to your r4 adaptor, now you can select (happy face) icon and then select your game .Enjoy your games.

    If appear white color screen or can not find the ds card on your DSL after the correct installation, you need to remove card and restart DSL then try it again.
    If appear Loding screen ,1st you need to confirm you have install the right software for your DS card,2nd you need to remove card and restart DSL then try it again.

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