How to fix when new Hekate breaks SD card on Linux

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    So the new Nyx update for Hekate 5.0 made an assumption that Linux could use some deduction skills, but apparently not. If you migrate your emummc/emunand partitions to the new format using Nyx, then it'll change some partition stuff on your SD card that could cause Linux to not mount your primary SD partition. To fix this you'll have to recompile Hekate/Nyx, and upload the new nyx.bin to your SD card at /bootloader/sys. The changes need to be made are highlighted here:
    Change every highlighted 0xEE to 0xEF and recompile. Upload the hekate/out/nyx.bin file to your SD card at /bootloader/sys/nyx.bin (you'll have to use your phone or a VM or something to do this), and then run the migrate option in Nyx again, and it should fix your SD card. Hope this helps (CTCaer is one badass dude and is getting some rest, hopefully he'll release a more official fix soon, this is just what he instructed to do for now)
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    I can confirm this is a problem and the given solution fixes the problem.