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    Aug 4, 2019
    Hi guys,after How to find codes with VitaCheat using Normal Search(find here ),now i will explain to you step by step and any moment,how to find codes in any games which have energy bars,to have them infinite.

    Start or continue game,open vitacheat(L+Right pad)the menu will open,and press circle on Go Search,once you enter here press R button,now will open Fuzzy Search menu(see image below).
    Before press First Search(with O),move cursor to Range next to 81(don't worry preset is 89,you can change value you want),after setting start search.
    Note:waiting the result patiently and don't touch any buttons,only touchscreen if Ps Vita is about to go into standby.

    After First Search,you obtained thousands of results(see image below).
    Now return to game(exit VitaCheat press multiple time X,or press Right Pad+R)and decrease the energy bar or any other bar.

    Now,return on Vitacheat and Fuzzy Search and search again with <,any time bar decrease,if bar increase change search with >,until you get a few codes(see images below)

    After find fews codes press Triangle for view the codes you find(see image below).
    Now,press Start on any single code for save it.
    After save all codes we have found,return to main menu of VitaCheat and go Cheat List.

    Once time enter to Chea List,,you will see all codes previosly saved.
    Press O in one cheat for the change(up,down for change value left,right for move,press Square to change from Hex to Dec to float)
    After edit,one single cheat return to game and let's see if the changes worked.
    If it didn't work,let's return to Cheat List and try to modify another.

    Note:repeat this procedure until we find the right one,if we don't find any functional code,we repeat all from Step1!

    Well guys,we have learned how to find codes with VitaCheat using Fuzzy Search.

    I leave you some codes found using this method:
    Shin Gundam Musou(Japan Version)
    _V0 Inf.HP
    $0200 87AE2BF4 00007530

    _V0 Inf.SP
    $0200 87AE2C6C 4680B800

    _V0 Always Red Button on Screen
    $0200 87AE2C04 463B8000

    Gundam Breaker 2(Japan Version)
    V0 Defend&Capture Full Bar(Note1)
    $0200 8CD9EE3C 000DBBA0

    Note1:this code work in all stages with energy bar on the top of the screen: Defende,Survive and all Gundam Café&Shop

    This tutorial are tested on PS Vita 3.65 Enso with VitaCheat Z06Beta!
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