how to change usb cord functions?

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    i have 2 cords that fit a powersaves perfectly but were once for 2 other devices (an ipad nano or shuffle or something else i think.. i can't remember and the other was for some other device that is broken and long gone now.) i try to use these two cords in the powersaves but the program reads "no hardware found" is there a way to change the cords functions so that it can work with powersaves or is that an impossible task?
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    If memory serves if these are for fast charging apple stuff then the data lines will be tied together with a certain resistance, though the nano might just have ultimately been a four pole 3.5mm jack for some models as there were a few takes. To "fix" it you would then need to figure out what line (of four) went to what for the datel lead and wire it accordingly, you could do this by cutting the cable up and then rewiring it there though you will probably want a multimeter to tell you what is connected to what.
    Equally I have not got a powersaves but looking at I am not sure what goes there. Looking at and that looks like a standard mini USB.

    In other cases when this happens I tend to just get a sacrificial USB lead and solder it directly onto the PCB of the device that was missing a cable.
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