How to Bootmii NAND dump?

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    Feb 1, 2009
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    OK, hopefully this aint a dupe post. Ive installed Bootmii as an IOS, prep'd an SD card but I cant find any option for NAND dump. It creates a config folder with armboot.bin, ppcboot.elf and bootmii.ini. Mine is a new(er) wii which I think has had the boot1 vulnerability closed hence the IOS install. Is the NAND dump only available for boot1 installations, or am I missing something? I already had HBC and DVDX installed prior to Bootmii so I skipped installation of those, doubt that makes a difference, but thought I should mention it.
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    Apr 4, 2009
    well, what you need to do is as follows.

    1. Run HBC
    2. Press HOME
    3. Select the BootMii option (if you dont have this you need to update HBC, run the HackMii installer again and select HBC, then come back and do the rest)
    4. You will need to navigate using a GameCube controller or the Reset and Power buttons
    5. Select the last icon (I think reset scrolls right and power selects, but may be other way round, if you're using a gamecube controller, just scroll and hit A)
    6. Select the first icon
    7. Follow onscreen instructions
    8. You're done

    Only thing is, with BootMii installed as IOS, it's not much use having a NAND dump, because you cant boot if your Wii is bricked, which is when you'd need it.
    However, if you install Preloader, then you can boot into HBC even if your wii is bricked, then press HOME and load BootMii and restore your NAND dump, so I'd advise installing it to protect you from bricks. This isn't necessary if you can install as boot2 hack, because then BootMii can boot on a bricked wii.
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    Jul 18, 2009
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    Thank you, that little guide helped
  4. Teh H4rRy

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    Jun 12, 2009
    I didnt want to make a topic on this, when i am backing up my NAND to SD it works fine, but when i want to copy the .bin file to my computer for backups I cannot find it on my SD card, the space has been taken up as my 1GB card has only half of it free. So far the only way to resolve it has been to format the card and reback it up. Any ideas?
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    It should be located in your SDs root directory as NAND.BIN. If its not there, something went funny. If it makes it thru the backup and verification process then it should be there. I haven't seen this error before, so I really can't relay much useful info. :
  6. computerboy

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    And if it's still not there try using a different SD card.
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    I have a problem that I made a backup NAND.bin and have the KEYS.bin however when I try to restore it I get the error Dump is for a Different Wii, but the is the one and only Wii I have! Don't get it! Please help.