How do you modify a Wii game?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by BobbyxGames, Jan 29, 2011.

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    I've seen some very cool modified games for wii, and I'm just wondering how you do it? What programs do you use? Please help
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    Wii hacking is not really any different to hacking any other modern console

    Step one is to pull apart the game iso into the files that make it up, there are many tools for this but wii scrubber works well.

    Step two is to figure out what the files are/do and the structure they support.

    Step two is helped by the wii being a fairly powerful/modern piece of hardware and there being a fairly nice SDK for developers to use. I advise against relying on this SDK driven development model as the basis for your hacks (so many times have developers implemented a given format wrongly, differently or not at all and that is ).

    Common formats include ARC which is usually a container format for other files inside it. 3d formats are other common targets- super smash brothers was a good example.

    You can also poke around the actual code the wii runs. . This is quite an advanced form of hacking.

    You can also accomplish a fair bit just by switching files around- makes luigi appear instead of mario just by renaming files or something like that.

    Complications other than those already mentioned are mainly compression related. The wii can and does use many forms but the big two are yaz0 and LZ of some form.

    I have to run but poke around the DS hacking section- the general concepts still apply.