How do I patch roms?

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by carnage781, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. carnage781

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    I did some looking around here and google, havent been able to find out

    I have the NSMB rom and the patch for the NSMB3 Hack. Only game I plan to patch atm looking into more maybe
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    Much like anything there are a variety of formats and methods out there.

    That said there are a few methods that more popular than others, I will run through the end users need to know approach, would be ROM hackers there are better discussions of patching methods elsewhere (docs among other places). Most have *nix implementations but I leave those to you for the time being and will focus on windows ones.

    Equally the readme, release notes or similar should detail what format it is and may even come with a method to apply it.

    1) IPS - very old and very limited so used only the smallest games or files within them. does well though there are more.
    2) Xdelta - old format and generally broken into two formats. for some of the earliest DS patches and for the newer ones. It should be somewhat backwards compatible though forwards is a stretch.
    3) BSdiff - has a tool. Roughly in line with xdelta in my experience though it might have some quirks and limits.
    4) Batch file and related methods. DS games are built on a filesystem and they can be unpacked, edited and repacked with fairly small patches. This is everything from batch files/shell scripts, to exe files (hopefully with options) right through to actual formats (DPF as seen in Jump Ultimate Stars being a good example).

    There are a few other formats like beat and UPS but where the latter has seen some use in recent times neither has seen much use on the DS. If you spend time in the playstation or some aspects of the Wii you might also encounter PPF though I have not seen anyone use it for the DS.
    There are also a few tools that aspire to be universal patchers and support all the formats and others or act as GUIs for the programs I linked which are largely command line.
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    most patches i have used have either been xdelta or ips.
    Someone feel free to correct me if i'm wrong
    1) download a patch and if it is zipped or archived you need to extract it.
    2) if file is a .ips file you should download a free program called lunar ips. It is pretty self explanatory. you have to select rom, then select patch (ips file), and then finally press the patch button. make sure you have the right region for the rom. I think most if not app patches are specific to region. The region is determined by the letter that is usually after the rom. e.g. Zelda (U) is the US release for zelda while Zelda (J) would be the Japanese release.
    3) If the patch is a batch file you either have to drag the rom on top of the file or run the batch file while the rom is in the same folder. You should make sure the rom is named correctly. The batch file looks for a file with a certain name programmed by the person who created the patch and it won't patch anything unless it is the same name.
    4) I don't remember how to use xdelta but it isn't too hard.
    5) patches usually come with readme files that explain how to patch. Refer to this file if you are confused.
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