How do I fix this lil situation?

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    Ok, so my friend bricked his PSP not too long ago, so he sold the accessories and everything to GameStop and gave me the bricked PSP. So all I have is the PSP and a Pandora battery, no charger/USB cable/Memory Card or anything. So I was wondering if anyone could give me a few links and tell me exactly what I am gonna need to get this PSP up and running, and about how much it's gonna cost me.
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    All you need is a 512MB memory stick with the exploit loaded on there since you already have the pandora battery.
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    To be more specific, you'll need a memory stick (at least 512 mb).

    You'll need a charger to charge your pandora battery. (You'll need one to play it later on anyways)

    You'll also need a USB cable to connect your PSP to your computer.

    *Here is an easy app to turn your memory stick into a "Magic Memory Stick":

    Connect your PSP to your computer, then run the installer I linked above.

    Now put in your charge pandora's battery and boot up your PSP. It should load off the memory stick now and enable you to install the custom firmware.

    There is also a tutorial in the PINNED thread:

    *note: If you the memory stick doesn't work, try running the installer again. I've personally used this app on several occasions.
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    That's not quite'll certainly need a charger, but if it was on CFW before the brick, and you can access the Recovery menu from cold boot by keeping the R shoulder button depressed, you won't even need the Pandora....Hellcat's Recovery Flasher is the ultimate firmware flasher for semi-bricks.

    So first things first...certainly get yourself a Memory Stick (Sandisk 4Gb is a good multi-purpose choice...always go Sandisk!) and the charger and see if you can get to Recovery.
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    Prelimnary questions. Was it flashed with custom firmware before the brick? Does it power on (green light/no screen)?

    If it had no custom firmware and powers on then use this method: Get a mem stick, 1GB is enough and use RainsMMSLite to make a magic memory stick, stick in the pandora battery while holding L trigger and see if it boots, select "install 5.00M33-6"

    If it had custom firmware/cfw then use Hellcats Recovery Flasher.