1. LightOffPro

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    Jun 10, 2016
    Curious thing happened today. A few weeks ago the AC Adapter that came with the Switch died on me.
    Where i live, there isn't much demand for official AC adapters from Nintendo, so i bought a 3rd party one.

    Works fine when in handheld mode, and because i use my switch in handheld mode 98% of the time, i only noticed today that the Switch will not work in docked mode with this 3rd party AC charger.

    It displayed an error message when i tried to plug it in, saying that it couldn't output to the TV and to use the ac adapter that came with the console.

    Is there any homebrew that bypasses this and forces the switch to output the image to the tv? Or a CFW sysmodule? The error didn't crash the switch or anything, it was like a warning prompt.

    If needed, i can take some pics of the error screen.

    EDIT: Error Message.

    3rd Party Charger.
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  2. Deleted User

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    I have the same charger. They just don't have enough Power to use them with your dock.

    The official one has 15V 2.6A in docked.
    The third Party charger puts out 5V 2.1A the whole time
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