Gaming Homebrew can't load SD cards


Apr 11, 2009
Gambia, The
Hello, I have a big problem.

As I wanted to install BootMii, I thought of ways how to remove preloader. I made a big mistake: I've downloaded 4.0E from NUS and installed it - well preloader was gone then and I could install BootMii and the new HBC. After that I've overwritten it with v1.0.1 again, because the new one can't read SDHC-Cards.
When that version didn't detect my card either, I was very surprised and noticed, that it could be because of the Nintendo 4.0E. So I've tried downgrading to 3.3E and use Waninkokos 4.0 upgrader. After nothing changed, I downloaded a package with bannerbomb and a few dols. One of them had the name "wad.dol". It seems to be a modified WAD Manager 1.3 and when its started it displays "using IOS 249 (rev 10) as firmware". That's the only homebrew that is able to read my card. All other WAD Managers display error code -1.
I've tried out the other dols of the package (IOS 35 patchers/downgraders etc), and after that my SD card worked again in all programs. But then I've copied and removed some apps and wads - after that it didn't work anymore and I couldn't reproduce what I've done.

I don't think the card is corrupted - my PC and the Wii System menu can read them without any problems.

Does anybody has an idea how to make it work all the time again?

My Wii seems to have some problems with SDHC cards - a 1 GB SD of my sister works fine. But I thought HBC supports SDHC cards?

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