Hey guys about 3dsXL decals !?

Discussion in '3DS - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by leonmagnus99, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. leonmagnus99

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    Apr 2, 2013
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    what is the best one you have used !? i would like one for more Comfort if it is a plastic one i dont mind as long as it doesnt stink and isnt a dust magnet LOL , and i dont have the 3DS XL original Stylus i am using the og3ds one and id like some long ones, not the extendable ones. where could i get a good set i found some on amazon it had a bad review for the 3ds xl stylus so i need some good Decal/Case and a Set of good stylus thanks !
  2. Queno138

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    For decals, I went to Decalgirl.com
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  3. syfyTy

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    I too have used Decalgirl on ebay with good results. Regarding the stylus, I prefer the ful length pen size, but make my own from smaller regular stylus, hot glued inside of my favorite pen, usually one I got during St. Hallows Eve.

    There are two different tips being used by most Ebay sellers one is clear plastic and the other apparently identical to the soft plastic used by Nintendo (appears frosted) on thier official stylus'

    I suggest avoiding the clear plastic as they seem to scratch even the best screen saving material. While we're on the topic, not all screen saving material is made alike. Some is designed for touch (fingertip only) and will readily scratch with the stylus, the other is made for stylus use, make sure to ask the vendor if not sure, most will warantee and/or offer replacement or refund if you're not happy... IF you let them know in advance that you require the specific kind (stylus no scratch) Ive forgotten the technical [proper] names for each type of touch surface (capacitive and resistive? IIRC) getting the dealer to promise to replace or refund will save much money in the long run.

    Far to many dealers will not distinguish one from the other in thier ads and say 'one type fits all'. They don't and you would be replacing them within a week under normal use. Becaus they guarantee the material prevents scratches [on your system] it does NOT mean the material itself wont be scratched beyond use-ability within days... Be clear as to what you are asking for ands what you are getting.
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