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    Aug 10, 2009
    i am a noob about this and this might now even be the right place on the forum. my problem is that i just got my ds with an acekard2. it worked fine until one morning it gave me the forever loading syndrom. i have tried to download new firmware but either it show my games but wont load or it says acekard R.P.G. and wont even show the games i put on the micro sd card. am leaving tomorrow noon on a 2 week trip and i have to get it working before then. feel free to call me to walk me through it at 519 284 3863. maybe ime just doing a little thing wrong or is it a faulty acekard. i should add that it shows which games are on the card but when i try to open the game is says its "processing" and then sticks there.
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    Aug 10, 2009
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    You mighta gotten nailed by the new "System Update" nintendo made you install before allowing you into the DSiWare Shop...that's how they got me, and screwed MY Acekard.
    Try your Acekard in a DSLite, and see if it works there. If so, then that is what happened.

    I heard, today, that there already was a new firmware download available for Acekards to defeat the "patch" Nintendo sent out to disallow Acekard usage. I'd start with Acekard's homepage, but I'm really not sure, as I haven't gone looking.

    I simply decided to go back to the DS Lite, which Nintendo can't remotely screw with.

    And the Acekard...which would NOT work in the "updated" just fine in the old DS Lite.
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    You didn't introduce yourself, eh? So now this topic is in wrong section.

    (Sorry for my off-topic post)