[Help] Yasumenu+YGO 2009

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    Apr 13, 2009
    Ok, the problem I had before was that: Activating cheats on my r4 would cause Stardust Accelerator to freeze when I loaded it. Someone suggested that I change from R4 FW to Yasumenu, so that's what I did.

    The cheats worked fine, but it always freezes 1/2 way into the duel. (Mainly when a monster is summoned or destroyed)
    So, I started a new game, only turned on the x9 cards and it still froze.
    I started to worry because Jump Ultimate Stars wouldn't load up either, so now, I started another new game, turned on the cheat, activated it and transferred everything back onto an r4 FW.

    (Basically, I got a save file with x9 cards, transferred it back to the r4 FW because I felt that Yasumenu was extra buggy)
    Unfortunately, none of this has worked, it still freezes. I was thinking that Stardust Accelerator was never supposed to have cheats to begin with =[

    Can someone help me?