Help with USB Loader GX and my HDD

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    I really need help soft modding my Wii. I have gone to multiple sites looking for answers and no solutions and am getting no where.

    To make a long story short I have installed 2 games onto my External HD to test out my former virgin but now soft modded wii.
    I am using a WD My Passport Essential 500GB/Go USB 2.0

    Everytime I load USB Loader GX on my wii with the HDD plugged in, my wii freezes. Than I try to run the app and let is say "Searching for your slow USB" with a 30 second time limit, than plug in my HDD and than it freezes on "Loading...."

    I am using the correct port, left one if standing or bottom one if wii is lying down.

    My wii was a virgin at 4.3u but used "Smash Stack" to hack it and than use DOP Mii to downgrade it successfully to 4.1u.

    Please help me out on getting this to succesfully to work. Also please bare with me and use the simplest english you can in walking me through this. I am not too fimilar with all these apps and mods for this is only my second time hacking a system, the Nintendo DS was my first and the tutorial for R4 Wood on this site was very very useful.

    If you want we can set up a time too to talk to each other via some type of messanger because I am sure I am going to get lost on techinal terms and asking stupid

    Thank you for the help in advance and I look forwad to talking with you!

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    Assuming that your 4.3 downgrade and softmod is perfect and you have no issue there... -This could be the issue right there, but I'm thinking you know that already- then there is a few things that could be going on. First try a different hard drive, regardless of what you may have read on any "compatibility" list somewhere, in my experience, some drives just flat out dont work. My solution to this problem is a simple one. Don't use external drives at all. Go with a setup something like this and your normal internal HD of choice, I only buy WD but thats just me. I have yet to see a drive dock setup like this NOT work. But, to test, just use a good branded jump drive like a Sandisk Cruiser large enough for 1 game. Basically do some tests to see if that HD you have just doesnt want to work with it. I went through 3 externals for myself and friends before I found the right combination, (before I switched to a dock of course).

    Second possible issue is the USB loader you are using, keeping in mind what version you are trying. Along with what version and number of cIOS you are using. cIOS222, cIOS249 rev 17, or 19, etc. I had a similar problem with one of my mods and a downgrade to rev 17 of cIOS249 and an upgrade of my USB loader, did the trick. Its a matter of finding what works with your setup and going with it.

    Third is the format/setup of your hard drive. Too much to go into here, but give me some info on how you have it setup, is it Fat32, NTFS, partial of both, or a strait WBFS drive (this is what I use and find it much more stable than any other way).

    Hit me with some more details maybe I can help further. Unfortunately I dont have experience with a 4.3 yet *(doing my first one this week) so if someone else wants to chime in related to that please do.

    Good luck hope this helps.