HELP with Transferring Wii-U Content

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    Apr 21, 2017
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    Hi all, my friends children have 2 wii-u's. One from their dad & one from their mom. Their father recently died & they want to keep the wii-u that was his but combine all the content from both onto it.

    Problem is that we have been unable to figure out or get their dads password for his Nintendo Network ID. I know I could simply transfer all data from their dads wii-u to their moms wii-u & then re-download all their moms content but the kids specifically want to keep their dads wii-u system so I am wondering if the following idea will work.

    1) transfer all data from dads wii-u to moms wii-u.
    2) re-download all moms content so moms wii-u has BOTH consoles stuff on it.
    3) transfer ALL the content back to their dads wii-u

    Will this work?

    I dont want to lose anything they created on their dads system.
    Hope this makes sense.
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    Jan 3, 2017
    You might go around by pressing the secret cookie button combo and then calling Nintendo with given info. Tell them that their dad died (Sorry for their loss) and you can't access his Wii U because it's password protected.
    @Ryccardo knows more about this than me.
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    You can't combine accounts anyway. nor use them on multiple consoles

    My opinion is that you should get back access to the dad's account (the way to get those numbers is: memorize how to get to the password screen using the gamepad, go back and do it again, but on the screen just before the keyboard opens hold Start+Select+Y for 5 full seconds)

    Then just use homebrew tools to install games you bought on a console to the other, & copy saves if needed

    Nintendo is certainly unable to allow an account to work on multiple consoles, and can but most likely won't transfer individual games between accounts (but asking is free, I guess)