help with speed tester for libfat

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    ok, i used this homebrew to test these two different sd cards i have for my ds. Here are the results.

    SANDISK 8GB (it has a little two with a circle around it on it so I don't know if that means class 2?)
    random 16kib results- max: 15843 us - - - - avg 14698 us

    PQI 8GB (it has a little four with a circle around it on it so I don't know it that means class 4?)
    random 16kib results- max: 14730 us - - - - avg: 14252 us

    my issue with this if anyone can assist is the results make no sense. Let me paste this from another thread. Credit from the thread and download go to-
    Name: Speed Tester for LibFat w/ DLDI Support
    Author: Damian Yerrick of Pin Eight
    Submitted by: thaigrocer
    Submitted: Mon, Dec 10 2007 8:26 pm
    (Updated on Dec 16, 2007 6:38 am)
    Views: 1253
    Downloads: 329 - Popular!

    Interpretation of Results
    1.000 x 10^3 ?Seconds = 1000 ?Seconds = 1.000 milliseconds
    Ex: 0.2 milliseconds = 200 ?Seconds

    If the Random Access Time is 0.7ms or below, the game will never lock up at any point, ever.

    If the Random Access Time is between 0.8ms and 1.2ms, the game will be playable, and sometimes freeze while going from one portal to another, or while pausing/unpausing. It is not very frequent though, making the game playable.

    If the Random Access Time is above 1.2ms, especially higher than 2.0ms, then the chances of the ROM locking-up or freezing become increasingly high, and the game will randomly lock up at any point, regardless of what you are doing in the game - even while just running around in one spot.

    The reason this is a problem is because according to the interpretation my cards are being accessed at like 14 milliseconds which by the ^above^ should mean that my cards would freeze up with every game. This isn't the case, I'm not complaining, but the only problem I've ever had with freezing was with GTA CW, and that was it. I think possibly my ds might have froze once or twice in the 15 months I've owned it.

    So my question is, am I calculating this wrong, or is there something I am doing improperly? This doesn't make sense to me and I want to know if this is a forecast that I should buy new sdhc cards, although both of these aren't even 6 months old. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I remember that homebrew.....yeah, it's hard to figure out what it's telling you and the font is pretty annoying too.

    I have found 2 SD benchmark programs for the PC which are MUCH better:
    HD Tach and ATTO Disk Benchmark. Out of those two, ATTO is better and will give you the info you require in an easier to read format, though it has a bunch more options to set, but HD Tach will work too. Try one of those.
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    Ok, first I wanna say thanks to Rayder. I appreciate it. I just used an app called H2testw which is used primarily to find and distinguish bad external memory (flash drives, sd cards, external hard drives, etc.) The results I got from the test for each card were as follows......

    SANDISK 8gb
    Writing speed: 8.19 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 15.9 MByte/s

    PQI 8gb
    Writing speed: 5.23 MByte/s
    Reading speed: 14.3 MByte/s

    So I guess by the speed of writing the pqi is a 4 (card has a little circled 4 on it) technically and the sandisk is a 6(card has a little circled 2 on it), still not sure what the little circled number on each actual card is. But i'm guessing that homebrew isn't correct being what it's results were and what the results from this program were. Everyone always says get speed 6 for ds flashcarts so I hope this is correct. Anyone has any advice I'd be thankfull. I'm going to check with one other program and post results.
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    The different SDHC classes denote the minimum writting speed that is ganranteed, on class 4 this could be 4MB/s or 5.99MB/s for class 6 (which is the max class) its from 6MB/s and up.