Help with running isos on the vwii?

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    Hi! I've had a couple of threads and have had a bit of help from a couple of people, so thank you! I'm new and horrible at this (its getting easier though).

    I am trying to run isos on the vwii, I have a usb hdd but when I plug it in it shows up next under hard disk drive and not under devices with removable storage. Not sure if this is a problem, I think it is, because I tried using WBFS manager and it gives me an error saying it can't read the details of the drive, this is after I formatted it to FAT32.

    So my question is, unless there is a solution to my above problem, can I run isos off of an sd card? I have an sdhc 8gig card but I use a multi card reader. I have seen something about CFG but I don't know if that works for the wii u or not. and something about a cIOS, but I think I did that one already, I followed the tutorial that is sticked at the top to install d2x-v10-beta52-vWii, I think d2x-v10-beta53-alt-vWii would have been better though but w/e. Honestly though I don't think I used this FIX94s d2x cIOS Installer 2.2 mod, It didn't say anything about it in the instructions that I saw.

    Thank you its appreciated.