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    Apr 8, 2009
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    Hi, im new to these forums and i just wanted to know how do i play gba roms? Does it work like an acekard2? I know about the ex flash but i dont know what it is or what it does. I just want to know how to play gba roms? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! [​IMG]
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    Jan 3, 2008

    3in1 FAS1 Slot-2 Support
    Thanks to the awesome support of users, started by Another World, EZ 3in1 units were donated to Normmatt and Smiths. With working units, progress was made on optimizing the 3in1 integration of the Acekard menu. 
    Settings: Start > More > 3in1/FAS1 
    Rumble level - Off/Low/Medium/High 
    NOR Mode - Auto/Always 
    Backup GBA save at startup - Disabled/Enabled 
    Prompt before Save/Load - Disabled/Enabled 
    GBA Universal sleep - Disable/Enabled (L+R+Start: Sleep and Select+Start: Wake up) 
    The NOR mode auto setting will send any GBA ROM 16MB or less to PSRAM, while the "always" setting will flash every GBA ROM to NOR. Prompt before Save/Load will prompt the user for a "Yes/No" response before loading or saving any GBA .SAV files. This is the recommend way to use your GBA expansion cart without loss of .SAV data. 
    FAS1 is a Homebrew written by Smiths based off of tftpds (by Sten Larsson and Gustav Munkby). It's for users of older FlashAdvance Pro Slot-2 cartridges who wish to flash programs to their kit from within the AKAIO menu. 
    FAS1 Usage
    The menu for FAS1 Options will only function if you have a FlashAdvance Cartridge in Slot-2. 
    Set .GBA/.BIN/.SAV files as visible in your file listing 
    Allow you to select a .GBA/.BIN file and flash it to the cartridge in Slot-2 (.BIN = PogoShell) 
    Select a .SAV file to flash to SRAM Bank 1 of the FlashAdvance Cartridge 
    Use the Key Combo L+B+A while highlighting Slot2 Card in the root file listing to back up SRAM Bank 1 (backs up to /SAVES/ directory as BANK1.SAV) 
    Note: The "Use Flash Advance Features" is always set to "Disabled" upon AKAIO startup. 
    EZ-Flash 3in1
    AKAIO supports native loading of GBA games into an EZ 3in1. If an EZ 3in1 is detected, it will show .GBA games. These games are launched by pressing A, then AKAIO will autopatch the game (for save type) and flash it to the NOR or PSRAM of the EZ 3in1 depending on your settings and the game's file size. The save file for the game will be loaded/saved depending your settings. The next time a GBA game is launched SRAM is overwritten as the EZ 3in1 shares an SRAM bank for saves. Make sure to back-up your save files! 
    NOTE: If an EZ-Flash 3in1 was purchased more recently then it may be a "3in1+" and will require AKAIO 1.4 to function fully. This includes the browser support and rumble support. GBA ROM flashing and playback has been supported on the new 3in1+ since AKAIO 1.3 Final. 
    [edit] EWin 2in1
    AKAIO supports the EWin 2in1 unit in similar ways to the 3in1. 
    FlashAdvance Pro
    The FlashAdvance Pro is supported via FAS1 integration.

    -another world
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