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    I REALLY need some help rn. I'm in the process of hombrewing my 3ds with the end-goal of getting FBI (I have done this before) following the guide on Like I said, I've done this before, gotten FBI, and everything was cool. However, I factory reset my DS, and now I'm doing the process all over again. Problem is, when I try and start up decrypt9, it just black screens for all eternity. I run fasthax, it's successful, and then I run safehax, and it just stays on a black screen. If ANYONE has ANY idea how I can fix this, it'd be greatly appreciated.
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    try using this, put this in the 3ds folder and when youre in homebrew scroll down to safehax. also for the decrypt.bin file name it to arm9.bin and put that on the root of your sd. make sure to delete your fasthax and safehax from the 3ds folder before putting this one in

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