1. Patoulachi

    OP Patoulachi Newbie

    Mar 30, 2017
    Hello folks,

    I'm a newbie in wii u hacking and I'm encountering a problem for wich I need help.

    I have installed a CFW following this tuto :
    Basically, I passed by a ds games to install haxchi then the homebrew channel.

    All was working great, I have installed games from wii u usb helper to sd card and then
    on my usb key etc...

    My Wii u is working great but Unfortunatly, I cannot acces to the homebrew channel anymore, the menu does'nt appear. I have the same issue by launching it threw loadiine.ovh.

    I wanted to clean everything and restart from the beginning but since I cannot acces the HL....

    Would someone give me some help to understand what I should do ?

    Thanks in advance.
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