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    Ok folks, I need some help here! Basically I created a cheat which updates the DS's memory where it store's the DS's region code. So basically, you can use the cheat to fool a game into thinking its playing from another region. What good is that you may ask? Well, many multi-region games set the playing language of the game based on region the DS is set to. So with this cheat, you will be able to fool the game into thinking its playing on a DS set to another region and have it use that language in the game (If it supports it) which is great for DSi users who only have access to one region setting!

    Now what I need from you guys is a list of DS games that contain multiple languages which get used based on what region the DS is set to. Please do not include games where you can change the language setting inside the game via options and such and only those that get set automatically based on the DS's region. What I need is the game's name, the Game ID (Using an App to retrieve it like R4CCE, don't use scene lists game id's as they are different like from advanscene) and what languages they support. Also please no duplicate entries unless you are fixing a previous entree.

    If you can, use this format.
    Game Name (Region) [Game ID] Languages

    Where Game Name is the game's name
    Region is a single digit region code like USA = U, European = E, Japanese = J, German = D, Italaian = I
    Game ID is the actual Game ID that flashcart's use in the format XXXX YYYYYYYY like ABCJ 12345678
    Languages are the list of languages the game supports separated by commas like En, Jp, It or English, Japanese, Italian and such.

    Thanks again for the help!
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    I believe most multi5 games set the language automatically based on your setting, at least those multi5 games that support the 5 languages the DS has built in (not including japanese).

    You could start by searching for multi5 in a release list or on a yarr site.
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    use NDS Dupe Selector and press export

    if you're a windows guy, use excel.
    if using linux -needless to say- awk, etc..
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    Mar 4, 2009