[Help] NTRViewer/remoteplay on an Enterprise WiFi setup?

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    I live in a commercial building and it's got a single WiFi network across the entire building. Nobody else is allowed to set up their own, and it's handled by an external company.

    I have NTR Debugger and NTR Viewer running on a VM running Windows on my mac.

    Initially the problem was that the way Windows would connect to the Internet was by connecting to a virtual 'ethernet' network provided by OS X. The problem was that this made Windows not on the same IPV4 network (it's IP address was completely different, not just in the last segment.) so my solution was to buy a separate WiFi card that Windows could use.

    Now it's on the network, but this is what happens:
    • Boot into Luma3DS EmuNAND 11.2J on my Japanese N3DS
    • Launch BootNTRSelector, choose 3.4
    • X+Y, Enable Debugging (message always says it's already in debugging mode though)
    • On Windows, open NTR Debugger and type in
      connect('my.3DS.IP.here', 8000)
    • Before I can even get to the point where I should type remoteplay() it hangs.
    It hangs right after I press enter (but not when I enter a dummy IP address, it immediately gives an error) and eventually responds and gives me something about the host not responding in time.

    Absolutely nothing happens to my 3DS, no purple flash.

    Any ideas?
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