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    Aug 15, 2018
    I originally installed MLThaku with a sd2vita that no longer works. I got my new card and exFAT(default allocation, quick format) formatted it, but all my henkaku bubbles other than ps4 link are missing.

    When I insert the sd into the adapter, the light blinks a few times and the screen will light up if dimmed, but the card is not recognized by any of the henkaku settings or the vita format.

    The MLThaku site loads up the installer but install always stops at the same point and goes back to homescreen and update stops right away and reboots the system.

    I don't know what my options are, but I don't have any of the original sd data or any vitashell/molecularshell. I've tried searching for a couple days now, but every fix seems to require one of those two. I'd very much appreciate any help or info.
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