[HELP NEEDED] Problems with DSiWare downgrade

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    I bought a black Friday New 3DS and was following the guide on how to downgrade it with the DSiWare downgrade and everything had been going well up until section V were I need to use system transfer. The source system I'm using is an o3DS with an 11.2 luma emuNAND on it. When I open system transfer on the source 3DS though it opens the system transfer app from the 9.2 sysNAND rather than from the 11.2 emuNAND. (I know this because I deleted all the internet connections on sysNAND and system transfer fails to connect to the internet. It also says ver. 9.2 once kicked back into the settings app.) Does anyone have any advice for this?
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    I recommend you just back up your SysNand and your emunand, flash your emunand backup to your SysNand, use it for the transfer, then restore the original SysNand backup.
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    If he has a 9.2 SysNAND, he likely doesn't have A9LH on that console. That would be really bad in that case.

    I haven't heard of this particular issue, I think people have done this using an EmuNAND setup before. Of course, one way to solve it is to follow the guide for your old 3DS to get A9LH setup on it first.
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    Yeah I'd just get on A9LH following plailects guide and see if that works

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