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    I have an r4 and i am trying to make some games work. Some games come up with'cannot load ds save file, reload ds cartridge', or summit like that. is there anyway i can fix this without downloadin anythin. i tried uploading the newest r4 software but it keeps coming up with RAR files which dont work.

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    Welcome to GBATemp.

    There's already a sub-forum to post things regarding R4

    Againts n00bs, I'd lost my patience, but you're a newb, so I'll explain to you things you should know [​IMG]

    So, what do you need to know?

    1. R4 is a dead cart, but is still a decent cart. The problem is R4 has no more support from the official team, to put it simply, if you don't do something yourself new games won't work, it's called "arm7.bin problem"

    2. arm7.bin is a file, and arm7 is one of NDS's processor, and arm7 usually handles things about saves. To put it simply, think of NDS as a PC with Dual Core inside, arm7 is one of those two processors, handles save files, and arm7.bin is it's OS, if it's corrupted, it won't work

    3. To make new games work, you need to fix the arm7.bin.

    Taken directly from here

    What this program does is it takes the arm7.bin from the game in the DONER folder and puts it into the rom in the PATIENT folder. Great work of programming, as it is so much easier to do than the original dslazy method.
    download it here
    Put a game in a DONOR folder (game that works) and put a game (that doesn't work) in patient folder, and execute the program

    4. .rar is an extension, it compresses your files in a package. To put it simply, RAR is FedEx, and FedEx packs the items you wanna deliver so it's not scattered and doesn't take much space.

    5. What you have to do is look for WinRAR, an application that handles .rar files, Google it, you can download one and extract the files

    6. There's no newer loader for R4 than 1.18

    7. And, I know you're not a n00b in internet terms. It's DOWNload, not upload, please

    8. I can only hope you won't use "HELLPPP" anymore, (with CAPSLOCK ON), it looks like as if you're here to say Hi, ask for help and say goodbye with just one post, and it makes you look like a n00b, so don't use it in the near and far future [​IMG]
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    tnks and soz for bein noob. if i download new r4 update will it work