Help: Fire Emblem 12 Music Rip issues

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    Jun 9, 2013
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    I have been attempting to get the .sdat file for Fire Emblem 12 (Heroes of Light and Shadow) to work with a program that will let me extract the .sbnk and associated files as .dls, but have had no luck.

    VGMTrans crashes every time I try to load it there, in or out of the ROM.
    Nitro 2 DLS returns Error #1009.

    If there are other programs that have a function like those, please inform me.

    VGM Toolbox successfully extracted the .sdat's contents, but I don't know what program I would need to make use of the resulting files.

    I also tried NDS Sound Extractor and got the contents but I can't make heads or tails of most of the samples, as they have speed/pitch adjustments that make them difficult if impossible to recognize (something like what the sounds in Megaman Zero Collection had for their sampled audio.)
    Doing this alerted me to what the problem likely was.

    Part of the way through the extraction process (approx. 103/998 '.'s in), NDSsndext displayed "warning: exception [Return - FFFFFFFF] SSEQ convert error." but proceeded to successfully extract what looks to be most if not everything.

    That prompted me to try dismantling the .sdat file and rebuilding it without certain parts using the NDS Editor from Kiwi.ds, but I doubt I even did that correctly (probably needs some coding expertise to adjust the info file, and I have none), so I'd say this was a moot point.
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    NDS Sound Extractor worked in getting the MIDIs for me and I recognized most of them so *shrug*