HELP! Error autobooting system menu-could not find boot file!

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    Nov 15, 2014
    I was going to play a game that Ive been wanting to play since forever, but when I plopped in the disc, it said that I could update the game for more features. Wanting it to be the best in gameplay, I updated the game... Rather unsuccessfully, as it shut down my wii. Now when I start it back up, it displays the preloader with the following:
    Homebrew channel
    Installed file

    Load/install file
    Systemmenu Hacks

    Error autobooting systemmenu!
    Could not openboot file!

    IOS v70
    Systemmenu v481 preloader v0.29​

    Ive looked through older threads but cant seem to find one with my specific details. Please help?