Help diagnose my bricked PS4

Discussion in 'PS4 - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by Lucifer666, Jul 19, 2017.

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    I've been taking it with me on my travels since Overwatch is a great time killer. Done this loads of times but I guess the long haul (16 hour) flight I was on 3 weeks ago was too much for it to handle.

    Since then, any attempt to power it on just leaves the blue light blinking indefinitely until turned off again. Nothing appears on the screen, though turning it on does change the TV's status from "No Cable Connected" to "No Signal", so it's definitely detecting something there

    DualShock4s can turn on the console (wirelessly if paired, or with a cable) but can't actually remain connected. The controller light bar turns off after switching on the console and pressing the PS button again just makes it flash for a couple of seconds before it dies again.

    The PS4 is currently unable to enter safe mode. Holding the power button for as long as instructed just turns it on then back off again on the ~10th second.

    I've opened it up to inspect its components but I honestly cannot identify what's wrong with it. Removing the HDD did not make safe mode work; it just left the console with the exact same symptoms. So it's not the HDD.

    Any suggestions? Has anyone been in the same spot? Everywhere online keeps talking about safe mode and that's not an option at the moment
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    if it just pulsates with blue light when you turn it on and it never changes to white (no matter how long you leave the system on) - it means it doesn't boot to OS, so that's why t doesn't display. This is most likely due to APU failure, usually happens after the system has been dropped. The only way to fix this is to reball and reflow the APU (requires BGA Rework Station and quite a lot of experience in dealing with BGA chips)
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