Help, deciding on a VC WAD installer method?

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by BORTZ, May 10, 2016.

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    What is the best method for installing pirated VC WAD files?

    My initial thought was to install the wad files from WAD Manager and then use the move command from the Wii system menu to move the installed wads over to the SD card. I have a 4GB SD card that works with my Wii just fine now (SCHD and all) and I cant see any reason why I cant install quite a few titles before starting to see any sort of storage restrictions.

    But the more I look around the internet I see there are other methods available, but am having trouble deciding which one is worth my time.

    I thought about using Triiforce, but it has since been merged into the Nintendont guide, but no where do I see how to use/install/play VC wads from Nintendont. More over, I see that SNEEK allows you to set up Emulated NAND that lives on your SD card and allows you to run games from there, but I am not sure if its the most up to date method or not.
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    the emu nand method is the best. use showmiiwads to install your wads to it. then use sneek, neek2o, wiiflow, or usbloader gx to launch your games.
    since you want to use SD then neek2o won't work for you. sneek would be the best.

    side note: CSG is a very good website and I'm surprised they made that mistake about Triiforce. Triforce arcade games were merged with Nintendont so you don't need quadforce to launch them. Triiforce (two ii's) is an old school VC/WW launcher followed by a mod called Triiforce MRC. I don't know if either one works anymore these days.
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