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    Jan 7, 2017
    So, (I don't know much about the restrictions of names on this section of gbatemp so imma use nicknames) I have used the program with a Rosalina logo and with wizard in the name and gotten what I assume is the updates for Super Smash Bros., but when I go to use Sm4shExplorer, but loading my folder from wizard tool prompts the 'Error loading game folder' message. The guide I followed told me I did not these files, but it seems the problem is that I am missing files called 'ls' 'dt00' 'dt01'. sm4shexplorer uses this error message for anything like this though, so it also says I am missing a 'content' folder, but I have it. This prevents me from using Sm4shexplorer to open my game at all, and I am looking for help, whether it's the 3 missing files or some other issue. I have been told the only way to get those 3 files are from a dump, but I have tried multiple methods of dumping my game but none have worked. Please help me if you have any knowledge on the subject.
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