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    Dec 3, 2017
    Hi everybody,

    I have my New 3DS XL with 11.7 but I don't understand how to get a mod without ban.

    Because I see all tutorials, and ask to update to 11.8 (last official firmware).

    I didn't know if I can update games with 11.8 without ban.

    Before to do something,I want to ask you, to get a better way.

    Thanks in advance
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    There are no insta-bans on 3DS. You obviously have that risk (of getting banned) but firmware version likely doesn't affect it. Don't worry about updating.
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  3. Lilith Valentine

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    You aren't going to get banned for updating/hacking your system with the OFW 11.8. The only thing they added was a ticket check for games being installed via sleep mode, which is no longer an issue because they then followed it up by blocking the any method (freeShop) were such issue would be a concern. (Nintendo blocked freeShop's access to the eShop and thus the ticket check is no longer an issue.)
    Hacking your system will always come with an extremely slim of chance being banned (there was one wave, but we can't predict the cause nor if will happen again.) Regardless you are safe to update to 11.8 and hack your system.
    Your best bet is update and use frogminer to hack your system.
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