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    Oct 5, 2010
    Hello there, I'm new here and to the NDS scene in general.
    Also please understand that english is not my native language!
    So I got a Japanese DSi and looked around on the internet to compare flashcarts. Found this site and started reading about which one has which features.

    Eventually I decided for the M3i since in the flashcart guide it was mentioned that it supports "Download Play" (now I know most do, but the post mentioned it almost like an exclusive feature, since the rest of the carts were not credited with said feature), but after checking the prices/shipping in shoptemp, and reading that the Acekard2i has better support in general, I decided that it would be the best choice.

    Now, about the firmware:
    As far as I know, the DSi updates have mainly the goal of stopping flashcarts from working, and the development teams release firmware updates to counter Nintendo's updates.
    In that informative post it was mentioned that some cards have the feature of being updated without the need of launching them from the DSi. Does this mean that if I get a AK2i and it does not come with my firmware support right out of the box, I will never be able to use it?

    Again something that confuses me is that you have to download "the firmware" from the manofacturer's website the first time you open your flashcart, if I download the latest firmware, wouldn't that let me launch it anyways?

    As I said, I have a Japanese DSi, and it runs all DS games from any region, but I've heard it does not work with the DSi enhanced/exclusive games as they are region locked. Would the flashcart be treated like a "US/EU" NDS game, allowing me to use it? or is it a DSi region locked cart?

    I have updated the DSi to access the store in order to get the basic stuff like the browser and flipnote hatena, also some great DSi ware games, the config menu says "Ver 1.4.1J"

    That's all for now, I hope you can clear my doubts about this. Have a great day!
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    Jan 26, 2010
    Flashcarts have a firmware, and also have an OSMenu which may also be refered to as it's Operating System, Operating Software, Kernel etc. The Firmware lives on the Carts internal memory and only normally needs to be updated when Nintendo releases a new DSi firmware. The OSMenu lives on the MicroSD card, and needs to be updated frequently to remain compatible with the latest games. For the Acekard people use AKAIO as the OSmenu, and on the DSTWO people use EOS.

    The DSTWO has a 'clean' mode which will normally allow it to run the latest games without updating the OSMenu, however in this mode all 'patches' such as cheats are disabled.

    The Acekard 2i requires the use of a DS to manually update it's firmware by loading an NDS file in it's OSmenu. The M3i can be updated via USB independantly. The DSTWO updates by being inserted into a DS Slot, but is independant of the DS. It simply uses the DS for power, and then updates itself if it detects a firmware update is present on the MicroSD card. The DSTWO is the easiest to update it's firmware.

    Because the Acekard 2i requires the use of the DS, and is blocked by the DSi firmware 1.4.1 update, you'll need a DSi with =< FW 1.3 or a DS Lite/ DS Phat to update it's firmware.

    If You want an Acekard 2i get from from ShopTemp as they will update it's firmware so it's compatible 1.4.1 before shipping as part of their Premium Flashing & Update Service which costs an additional $1. You will need to select this when you add it to the cart.

    The DSi is region locked for retail DSi enhanced/ exclusive games. All flashcarts run these games in DS mode, meaning that they can't use the DSi's additional features such as the camera. They will however run games from any region.

    You are better off getting the DSTWO.

    They all support download play. I tried Animal crossing connectivity to the Wii with an Acekard 2i myself, and it worked fine.
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    Apr 7, 2010
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    Oct 5, 2010
    Thanks both for the quick and useful replies! Also the second post is ever-growing with more information! A great community [​IMG]

    Thanks!, the only features I'm looking for are download play, wifi, and the best NDS rom compatibility!

    I am most likely to get the AK2i as it's the cheapest but most supported flashcart and I'll have to pay around 38$ for shipping (there is no free-shipping avilable from the US to Uruguay -inb4 gay joke-), a pricey cart would be a lot of money. Also, if they update it for 1.4.1 before shipping it won't be a problem.
    I won't be updating my DSi anyways I got all I wanted from the store already.