[Help] A9LH Install Guide(Loading SafeA9LH From Browser)

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    Jan 4, 2016
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    Im helping someone out in my Discord with installing A9LH and we have followed through the whole thing we are up to loading SafeA9LH from the browser on 2.10 and he gets the glitched screens then the screens go black sometimes only the top screen goes black. He presses select and nothing happens the 2DS does not turn off and when he turns it off himself and trys to load a payload it does not work and goes to the Home Screen. We have checked the files and nothing it missing. We have been trying to do it for a day now any help would be good. Also would it hurt if we used the latest Safe Installer?

    Part we are at:
    Section III

    2DS 2.10

    EDIT: We solved it we presses A instead of Select. DERP
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