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    Mar 15, 2009
    United States
    Hey there. I joined a while back, but never got around to doing much. I do news and stuffs over at GBATMW, so hopefully I won't increase the n00b/spam population around here (zachsupercoolvideos, anyone? [​IMG]).

    As for myself: I live in the US, and have the whole Acekard/NDS thing. I also have a 360, and a MacBook that's dual booting Windows 7. Oh, and I might be getting a PSP in few days. So you never know, I might pop in here for some help on that, as PSP's are my personal noob.

    Heh, anyways, see you around!

    EDIT: Well, carp. I already made a booboo. Maybe I was lying, eh? [​IMG]

    Actually, I got some sort of error, so I assumed it didn't post; maybe delete this one or the other? My bad.
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