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    Sep 6, 2018
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    Figured I'd get situated and introduce myself. I've been around computers all my life and have always had a fascination with them. Earliest console was a Genesis and Gamegear with the Game Genie add on. Loved that thing. From there it was PS1/PS2.

    Started to get into modding with the original Xbox. This is where my love for homebrew was brewed... Bad puns aside, homebrew has always been what has pulled me towards one console or another. I skipped over a little bit with the next adventure being the Wii. Homebrew Channel and Homebrew Browser were/are absolutely amazing. Spent countless hours listening to addicti.mod in the Browser. From there I actually went back to the original Xbox. Found a 1.4 Halo edition and swapped in the 80GB HDD from my original. XBMC4Xbox and all the emulators I could want.

    Just recently got a Switch and have been absolutely loving it. Following the progress of the community has been a wonderful experience. A lot of very talented people showing what the hardware can really do.

    I hope my stay here can even be half as great as the experiences I've had over the years. Happy to finally find a home. :D
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    Welcome to GBAtemp!
    Enjoy your stay, and feel free to contribute to any discussions :)
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    hey there ! welcome to the temp, great introduction you made there :)
    it brought me back some good memories with the modding scene in the time of the old xbox.. XBMC was the bomb of all bomb! the perfect media center :) i still love it a lot and i always hoped they would bring it to jtag but..the created beast became a milking cow..thus not coming back into the free land again :P

    enjoy your time around, have fun!