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    Hey all. Just bought the wife a DS for xmas and for some reason, happened upon this site which led me to the flashcarts (spent almost 8 hours yesterday reading before ordering an Acekard 2.1), and today I've spent the entire Winter Classic (that's the outdoor NHL hockey game for you non-hockey persons) and more reading about Wiigator's loader...so looks like I'm hooked.

    The only real experience I bring to this forum is the ability to read, search, and follow rules (having owned dfi-street.com forums as well as being a reasonable adult I guess). I'm hoping to learn as much as possible without bricking anything...which might be easily avoided since I don't have to solder anything (wife says I am not allowed to have soldering tools for some reason).

    I've never owned a hand-held before. Though I'm very much tech-oriented, most of it is computer hardware and software (overclocking, support, etc). I hate mobile phones (though my brother works for T-Mobile and I get all the latest ones, they all seem to be junk with more crap than I need which only serves to confuse me instead of making me happy and my life easier as the commercials claim). I've had a Wii for more than a year, but the only thing we ever seem to use it for is Wii Fit and occasional Kart (both Wii and N64 VC, as well as a few other VC gems!). 360 and Rock Band (1&2) is where about 75% of our gaming time is spent these days.

    I always dig new tech that doesn't annoy me (unlike mobile phones and pda's which absolutely and completely annoy me, mostly for the reverse social darwinism that it produces in 99% of those who have one or both).

    So I guess that's about enough of an intro. Hope 2009 is pretty decent for everyone! (unless you own stocks and 401k's I suppose lol).
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