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    Hello, Ladies (who knows, they might pay attention to gaming [​IMG]) and Gentlemen!

    I bet you thought it's just another introduction topic [​IMG] Well, it is, except for the fact I'm from Russia, which doesn't seem to be very common here [​IMG]

    Anyway, let me do a proper introduction [​IMG] Nice to...ehmm....meet? all of you! [​IMG] My real life name is Yegor, the gaming nick- "ibis_87". Actually, 1987 is the year I was born, and "ibis" has been my gaming nick since the time immemorable [​IMG] "Immemorable" here means I don't actually remember WHY I picked it up when I was 10 or so, but I got used to it since then [​IMG]

    I own a number of cosoles, primarily handhelds, as I kinda prefer hadheld gaming to "normal" one, but my passion is Nintendo. Hell knows why, but I just LOVE thier machines and games. Now I own a GBA SP, a GB Micro Famicon Edition (my pride and joy [​IMG]),a DSi Lime Green (Japanese import) with an Acekard 2i, a Pokemon Mini Chikorita Green (you DO know what it is, do you? [​IMG]), a Game Boy Color, a Nintendo 64 and of course a Wii. Among stuff from other companies- a PSP-2000, a Playstation 2 and an iPod Touch 2G.

    I've been visiting you site for a year of so now, and I'm really surprised HOW large is the Nintendo community here. I REALLY want to join it, as unfortunately for me, Sony as a brand is much more popular in my country REGARDLESS of the quality of the hardware/ games they make. That kind of upsets me, as Nintendo clearly has an upper hand this genereation, so I searched for a really big and active Nintendo community. And found one here [​IMG] So, I hope to become an active member:)

    Well, that's about it, as I'm chatting too much as usual [​IMG] Nice to meet all of you, guys!

    P.S. Sorry for occasional mistakes in English, if there are any. I think my level is kinda acceptable, but I beg your pardon in advance for the minor stuff [​IMG]