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    Apr 15, 2009
    United States
    So i'm a little late at introducing myself. haha.
    I've been on these forums for a month now, but still feel relatively new. [​IMG]

    I'm a hardcore gamer and enjoy playing with anyone. I'm currently 17 and will need to be cutting down on the gaming a since I'm going to college in August.
    I play steam games (Blythe31 is my steam ID, but in-game you'll most likely see me as Sanoske) like Left4Dead and Counter-Strike: Source, 360 games (GT- Propagand4Panda) like h3, GoW2, Soul Calibur IV, etc., and a wealthy amount of DS games. [​IMG] Just hit me up and i'll be down to play.

    I currently own a black DSi running 1.3U and an AceKard2i using AKAIO 1.4.1 PROPER on a Kingston Class 4 8gb Micro SDHC, one of the first batches of the 360 that has never RRoD-ed but is notorious for having disktray problems (I have to use a butter knife to help it open haha), and a dimension 9100 with upgraded internals. I had a black ds lite with the CycloDS Evolution, which is my favorite flashcart. The PS2 has to be my favorite system purely due to nostalgic reasons and its full backwards compatibly. (unlike the 360 which only supports a list of games =/)
    I do try to help people on these forums, and do do my research before posting.
    I am a huge RPG fan, even though I can't stand grinding. FPS are also up there for me.

    I'm currently playing:
    DS - Phantom Hourglass and Castlevania Order of Ecclessia (sp?)
    360 - Soul Calibur IV, Tales of Vesperia, and hopefully Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 soon (I'm broke). [​IMG]
    PC - L4D and CS
    I'm looking forward to an english release of Kingdom Hearts for the DS, as well as a full english patch for the Code Geass game and Tales Games

    Well cheers!
    Hope to be a helpful contributor to gbatemp. [​IMG]
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    Oct 26, 2002
    nice intro, welcome to the forums [​IMG]
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