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    Hi everybody!!! [​IMG]

    Im new round here. Hehe. Been reading up for about 4 days now cause I was trying to find a way to back up my Wii games since for some reason my LG drive and my PC dont want to do it anymore. [​IMG] I was reading about how to do it VIA WiFi and decided to try it that way.

    Before I get too ahead of myself, Ill just name what I have so there are no confusions.

    Chipped Wii.
    Getting a DS lite either for Christmas or after. Depends on what the GF decides to get me. [​IMG]

    So I was reading the tuts here and other sites about how do install HBC. I got that done with no issues. Then I go to install the custom cIOS and that fails. Then the wifi backup proggy doesnt want to work. I continue reading more tuts about downgrading the firmware. I download all the packs and the WAD specified, throw them into the apps folder on my SD card, but they will not show up in HBC. I read up about HBC and I do believe I am doing everything correct. I am unzipping all of the programs into their specific folders in the apps folder like Ive read and that is getting me nowhere. I spent about 4 hours yesterday doing this and got nowhere. So I decided to take the night off and possibly go at it again tonight when I get home.

    Anyway, thats my story. Hope to read alot here and ask stupid questions that I am sure have been asked 100 times but still hope to get answered. [​IMG]

    Before anyone asks, I am currently running 3.4U on the Wii.
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    Hello. Welcome to GBAtemp, hope you have a great time. [​IMG]
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    welcome to GBAtemp