HeartGold/SoulSilver EV Hotspots

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    Since Serebii won't allow me to post this thread (not really "not allowed" but I submitted a similar thread to them for moderation since last week and by looking at the HG/SS forum, it's still full of "speculation" threads so I'm presuming no in-game threads are allowed until the official U release), I decided to just post here. This thread is about EV hotspots in HeartGold and SoulSilver. This thread will serve as a compilation. Whilst I don't know all of the best places to EV train, I'm asking for contributions as I also need them as I'm currently EV training my team (figured I should EV train before finishing the game after seeing Red's new team...OH NOEZ). If you know some good spots, please post them and I'll compile them. I only know a few so far...

    Anywhere with Hoothoot - 1 Point

    Ruins of Alph - Unowns - 1 Attack point and 1 Sp. Atk point
    Route below Violet City - Bellsprout and Ekans - 1 Attack point each

    Geodude and Onix, Rhyhorn - 1 Point
    Graveler - 2 Points
    Rock Tunnel, Dark Cave, Union Cave

    Kakuna and Metapod - 2 Points
    Ilex Forest

    Use Old Rod on any body of water - Magikarp - 1 Point

    Special Attack
    Sprout Tower - Gastly - 1 Point

    Special Defense
    West of Cherrygrove City - Surf on the water - Tentacool (1) and Tentacruel (2)

    *took away Sentret because it doesn't come up that much anyway...

    HANDY TIP: If you want to get the Macho Brace. Trade Drowzee for Machop + Macho Brace in the 5th floor in Goldenrod Dept. Store. Not sure if you get something helpful with EV training from the tradeable Onix in Violet City. Might still be Metal Coat but IDK. Can anyone confirm?
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    in your monitor
    gravelers in dark cave also provide you 2 ev def points [​IMG]
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    Sentret actually gives you 1 atk point, no hp.
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