HDD won't work anymore, help!

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    Oct 22, 2016
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    So, I have been using a 250gb hdd on my wii u for almost 3 months, I usually used it on vwii mode, it was formated as ntfs. But a month ago I decided to format the unit so it could work with wii u games and stuff. Everything was working fine, untill today.
    I was playing Fatal Frame, and then it froze with the message "the hdd has turned off, use a y cable, blah blah."
    I was alredy using a y cable, so I turned off the console, booted up the game again, and five minutes after that, the same thing happened.
    So, I rebooted the console, and I disconnected one of the two usb cables by accident at the wii u menu, and the console froze.
    I connected the usb back again, and rebooted the console...but it didn't boot at all... 3 minutes passed and I disconnected the usb cables from the hdd without turning off the console, and right in that moment the wii u logo appeared, and the console booted as normal.
    Okay, so everytime I plug the hdd at the menu, the console freezes, though the music of the menu keeps playing.
    I tried another cable, but it's the same thing.

    I remember when I used the hdd on vwii, it could be recognized by my pc, and it happened to me a couple of times that I unplugged the drive by accident, and when I plugged it back, my pc froze when I wanted to open the drive, but after 10 or 15 minutes of waiting, the hdd had been fixed and it would work normally again.
    But I can't do that now, because of the wii u format. (By the way, if I plug the hdd on my pc, nothing happens, but I can hear the noise of the drive spinning, so I think is working)
    Does anybody know what can I do?
    Please help:(
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    it sounds that the drive is bad. connect it to a pc and use crystal disc info to read the smart data. provide me a screen of the drives stats and i might be able to tell if the drive is bad.