HBC without gamepad

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    Dec 17, 2016
    Dear all,
    I use your tools for my Wii and actually WiiU.
    Everything works perfectly - thanks for your great work all the time!

    Yesterday I run into trouble: I loaded HBC + DDD and dumped some of my games.
    It took quit long so I charged my gamepad during dumping.
    Now my gamepad seams to be damaged. No light, no charging, no screen.

    It didnt worry me because I own an PRO controller too.
    I decided to use it as long as my gamepad will be repaired.
    Now I can access the exploid-sites and run HBC - but the patch injection of the Mii maker
    asks me to connect/power on my gamepad. So finally, nobody with only a WiiMote and PRO
    controller cant access HBC. Is that a known fact? Is there a way to bypass the need of the gamepad?
    Is there an exploid that not uses Mii maker?

    Thanks for your responses!